Who is Dogaart?


Doga means Nature in Turkish language. ''Doga-Art'' is a boutique brand created by a family that accepts Nature and Art as a part of their lives. Tolga, Semra and our little girl Doga :)

Our meeting with leather and our story started in 2018. We started designing and producing as a curiosity, a hobby. Now, the products that we produce carefully all over the world are used lovingly.

We enjoy producing meticulously by adhering to traditional methods and handcrafting in our workshop. Since every product we produce is produced by hand, it is the only copy of itself. Thus, each piece you own is unique.

You can be sure that every order you place from us is made specially for you and stitched by the same master. We are very pleased to meet you...

Company information :

Догаарт ЕООД
ЕИК/ПИК: 207220474
Регистрация по ЗДДС: BG207220474
МОЛ: Семра Мехмедали Суналъ
БЪЛГАРИЯ, велико търново, гр. Килифарево, Крайбрежна, 2
+359 088 241 5940