Art in Our Nature.

We want to give you a long-lasting and quality product experience.

Exclusive Series Collection

A special series with high quality leathers that we carefully select from various parts of the world.

Exclusive Handcrafted Leather Goods

Forget about the wallets you've seen in stores so far! The products you will see here are different from all of them. After a long search, we carefully select the best quality leather and produce leather wallets, leather bags, leather accessories for you with our own hands.

PDF Pattern Store

If you want to produce a wallet and are looking for a pattern, you should check out our PDF Pattern store.

  • Who is Dogaart?

    Our meeting with leather and our story started in 2018. We started designing and producing as a curiosity, a hobby. Since every product we produce is produced by hand, it is the only copy of itself. Thus, each piece you own is unique.

  • Hand Stitching Leather

    We sew all of our products by hand using traditional methods. In this way, wallets and bags become more special and durable. In hand sewing, sewing is done using a single thread with a double needle at the same time.

  • Make Yourself Happy

    Yes, we really manufacture every product to order, just for you. We cut and sew by hand. We are creating a unique genuine leather product that is unique to you.
    We think now is the time to pamper yourself…